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Cor-ten Steel

Steel that protects itself

High strength, low alloy, weldable structural steel.

Cor-ten is a high strength, low alloy, weldable structural steel possessing excellent weathering resistance. It may be used to advantage in painted or unpainted condition. The steel owes its weathering resistance to the formation of a protective oxide coating which seals the surface against further corrosion. The coating is of a dark brown appearance and if shipped or damaged, repairs itself to give a continuity of protection an appearance.

Corten is recommended for use where high structural strength is needed and where maintenance is difficult. With mechanical properties similar to conventional steels, Cor-ten can be used to construct lighter structures utilising well-established design practices but with the advantage of improves weathering properties.

  • Develops its own protective film which slows the rate of corrosions
  • Saves the cost of initial painting and the maintenance costs of repainting
  • Gives corrosion protection to unpainted areas which have been damaged. Painted areas which have been damaged will weather to form a protective film; this will extend to the edges of these areas and reduce under-pint corrosion ‘creep’.

Available from

0.8mm – 40mm thick

3.0mm – 40mm Material is dual certified to S355J2W & Cor-ten

Typical Applications

  • Bridges
  • Tanks and containers
  • Exhaust systems
  • Rail and road vehicles
  • Windshields on chimneys
  • Power station precipitators
  • Rainscreen cladding
  • Garden edging
  • Firepits
  • Art sculptures

Example Projects

This project is ideal for Cor-Ten, modern material with the rustic look, giving years of colour for the changing seasons